Every year, an elite group of individuals are handpicked to join The Society. The most infamous secret society in the world! You have been invited to their mysterious annual soiree and now must prove your worth. You have 60 minutes to pass their initiation challenges. Best of luck new members!

[ 35% ESCAPE ]


A famous and brilliant scientist turned recluse was found dead by hikers in a remote location somewhere in Northern California. You are a team of local park rangers called to come check out the site. While searching near the location of his demise you found a hidden bunker. Door ajar, lights on, it must’ve belonged to the scientist. It's time to go in and check out what he’s been up to in there!

[ 25% ESCAPE ]

Ex Machina*

During a recent renovation project in our building, a secret room was discovered littered with old mechanical contraptions. Their purposes are unknown, and there is a mysterious vault door that no one can open. What secrets lay inside? 

[ 30% ESCAPE ]

The Study*

You and your team of secret agents are in the mansion of a reclusive billionaire, where many of your fellow agents have gone missing. You have 60 minutes to find out what secrets he is hiding, learn what happened to your fellow agents, and plan your escape before he returns...

[ 20% ESCAPE ]


*Based on the acclaimed game by Escape Industries.